Thinking of embarking on a digital asset management project? Comparing vendors? Looking for some expert advice on what type of DAM you should choose? smallDAM can help you navigate the DAM marketplace and choose the right DAM for your organization based on your size, makeup, industry and goals. We can also help with pre-implementation research with stakeholders, administration and users.


So you've chosen a DAM and now you have to make it work. Whether you are hosting a DAM solution on-site or in the cloud, smallDAM can help you get your system set up and working in no time. We can help with implementation timelines and mapping, server setup, vendor liaising, permissions, single sign-on, taxonomy, metadata, categorization, asset processing and preparation, and training.


Your DAM is only as good as your users think it is. DAM UI has come a long way, but the complexity of many systems still requires introductory and ongoing training, especially as functionality increases. smallDAM can help you set up a training schedule, draft training documentation, and implement system messaging that helps your users get what they need efficiently, and stay aware of system functionality and upgrades.


Do you just plain need help with your day to day DAM work? smallDAM can help! We are experienced in all aspects of digital asset management, including a wide range of research-, archival- and marketing-based workflows. We are happy to provide help on a temporary or project-defined basis. Whether you need help with digitization, asset processing, metadata application, or organization, smallDAM can help make your project a reality.


Have a nice DAM but still can't find your assets? It's the number one problem in DAM. Assets without metadata are unsearchable, and so might as well be just sitting on a drive somewhere. smallDAM can help you change that with expertise in:

  • taxonomy and metadata schema development (field and value definition)
  • metadata standardization
  • controlled vocabulary
  • metadata embedding and/or entry
  • metadata entry incentivization for users
  • asset naming convention development and implementation
  • data migration from one system to another
  • metadata importing and exporting
  • metadata processing (.csv, .xml editing)


Getting your historical analog material digitized and online can be an immensely educational rewarding experience for both you and your users. smallDAM can help you create unique digital assets while simultaneously helping you to preserve your original material, with expertise in:

  • document/flatbed scanning
  • photo negative, slide and transparency scanning
  • digital photography
  • digital archiving


When starting out, most organizations have a large mixture of asset types, sizes, versions and storage locations. smallDAM can help you find order in the chaos by providing expertise in:

  • sizing standard development and implementation
  • naming convention development and implementation
  • development of editing guidelines
  • asset de-duplication
  • RAW/High-res/Low-res workflows for photo and video
  • file organization
  • version control workflows
  • color correction and retouching
  • online gallery and contact sheet production


Many organizations that use DAM also require redundant off-site storage, online or offline 'deep storage,' or legacy storage solutions. As your DAM becomes successful over the long-term, you will need to think of the long-term survival of your digital assets. smallDAM can help you plan for the future with:

  • asset lifecycle policy development
  • archival workflows
  • online and offline archival storage solutions ('deep' storage)
  • best practices for online and offline storage
  • integration of ReadyNAS, Drobo, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Glacier, RAID and other storage solutions.